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Medical Forum Department

We aim to increase awareness and inform healthcare workers about new healthcare developments. Our topics range from social determinants of health to newly developed treatment options and diagnostic applications. We invite speakers who are well-known in their respective fields and discuss and find solutions to common healthcare problems. Overall we aim for a better society of health. To date, we have successfully held talks in social determinants of health to shed light on the lack of healthcare service in underserved populations and discussed potential ways. With these talks, we informed our audience about the importance of awareness of well-being and regular doctor visits.

1Robert A. BonomoJourneys in Drug Discovery03/19/2018
2Teodore V. Parran, Jr., MDOpioid Crisis and Its Effects on Healthcare Professionals07/18/2018
3David H. Canaday, MDThere is More to the Flu Shot Than Just Preventing Influenza09/21/2018
4Dr. Anant MasabhushiPrognostic and Predictive Radiomics and Pathomics: Implications for Precision Medicine12/04/2018
5Thomas A. Russo, MDHow to Become A Great Physician04/04/2019
6David C Kaelber, MD, PhD, MPHHealth and Medical Informatics12/05/2019
7Nancy H. Nielsen MD,PhDSocial Inequalities in Healthcare Insurance System10/23/2019
8Muhammad Waseem, MBBS MSEthical Considerations in Pediatric Research10/18/2017
9George R. Stark, PhDNew Information on the Roles of Interferons and Cytokines in Cancer, and a Novel Drug for Lung Cancer8/17/2017
10Arnold Caplan, PhDMesenchymal Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine04/03/2017
11Edgar L. Milford, MDBayesian Statistics: Interpretation of Probabilities03/30/2017
12Lawrence Fordjour, MDGlobal Health02/23/2017
13Hillard M. Lazarus, MD, FACPHow to Get Published?01/21/2017
14Stanley L. Hazen, MD, PhDCardiovascular Diseases & Gut Flora10/11/2016
15Alex Y. Huang, MD, PhDImmunotherapy in Pediatric Malignancies08/11/2016
16Omar Abdel-Wahab, MDDeveloping a Career as a Physician-Scientist07/28/2016
17Jennifer Y. Lin, MDSkin Cancer/Melanoma06/15/2016
18W. Henry Boom, MDTuberculosis Update06/15/2016
19Michael Lederman, MDAIDS Update05/18/2016
20Aleksander Adzic, MDIntroduction to Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs)03/30/2016
21Andrew S. Garner, MD, PhD, FAAPPeering Inside the Black Box02/24/2016
22Jennifer J. Thomas, PhDHomeostatic and Hedonic Food Motivation in DSM-5 Eating Disorders02/11/2016
23Pam KristanThe ABCs of Sustainable Time Management01/13/2016
24Gregory T. MacLennan, MDProcuring Human Tissue for Biomedical Research12/16/2015
25Monera Wong, MDDementia12/11/2015
26Magdy Younes, MD, FRCPC, PhDResearch in the Areas of Respirology and Respiratory Physiology03/20/2015

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