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Medical Assistance Department

Whitetulip Health Foundation aims to bridge healthcare gaps and empower patients from underserved populations to be proactive in their health outcomes. Access to healthcare for underserved populations, such as recent immigrants and non-English speaking communities, is a big problem, and there are many initiatives via local and federal governments and NPOs. People without insurance coverage may not seek medical care due to their limited financial sources to pay for medical bills. Whitetulip volunteers strive to help these groups of patients by personally examining them and prescribing medication when necessary. For patients who have needs beyond a simple medical examination and prescription, Whitetulip has launched various programs to provide guidance and advice for healthcare access.

This page contains general information about the Healthcare System in the U.S. and the additional options available for individual states and regions within the country. As we are currently working with recent immigrants from Turkey, the information is available in English and Turkish.  These written materials will be translated into other languages in the future to meet the needs of more populations with limited English proficiency.

Please contact your local Whitetulip Branch or the Headquarter with any questions or concerns about our Affordable Healthcare Guide Program or if you need further assistance for a particular medical need.

Goals and Objectives

Affordable Healthcare Guide for in the USA

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point. Having health insurance makes it easier for individuals and families to stay healthy. Depending on their income and resources, immigrants may qualify for government health insurance, such as Medicare and Medicaid, purchase a private health insurance plan, or utilize charity care from local hospitals and free/low-cost clinics.  Finding these resources and navigating through the healthcare system might be tricky, especially in the presence of language barriers that recent immigrants face.

To help alleviate this problem, Whitetulip volunteers have prepared documents to explain the healthcare system in the U.S. These documents include information about options to obtain affordable health care, ways to identify appropriate coverage depending on the circumstances and specific healthcare needs, and directions for the available coverage options.  In addition, Whitetulip has been organizing both seminars that educate the community about health insurance and one-on-one sessions that provide individual help with applications as needed.

Collaboration with Free/Affordable Clinics

Whitetulip volunteers visit local free clinics to collaborate with them, support those clinics with volunteers among Whitetulip members, and establish communication between them and the underserved population.



Health Screening Events

Whitetulip volunteers have organized health screening events in various settings, such as malls, supermarkets, libraries, and cultural and religious facilities. These events aim to create awareness about common diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Blood Drives

Whitetulip volunteers have organized blood drives over the years in many cities, collaborating with local health systems and the American Red Cross.

COVID-19 Hotline

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Whitetulip Health Foundation Medical Assistance department has created a hotline to answer questions and provide guidance to recent Turkish immigrants with limited access to medical care and limited English proficiency. This hotline has served dozens of patients and assisted the already overwhelmed health system by keeping patients who can safely self-quarantine at home by monitoring their symptoms. The hotline has also given the well qualified and experienced Turkish health care workers who are integrating into the U.S. health care system the opportunity to serve the community.

Future Projects

Whitetulip Heath Foundation is planning to continue serving underserved populations by establishing free healthcare platforms such as virtual clinics based on the COVID hotline experience, increasing collaboration with other free clinics, and even starting free clinics at select regions in the future. We are hoping to extend our efforts to support numerous additional underserved communities and prepare the documents mentioned above in other languages.

In this page, you will find general information about the Healthcare System in the USA as well as the options available for certain states and regions in English and Turkish since we are currently working on recent Turkish immigrants. Please contact your local Whitetulip Branch or the Headquarter if you have any questions or recommendations about efforts or you need further assistance for a particular medical need.

Medical Assistance Department

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