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About Us

Whitetulip Health Foundation (WHF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that connects healthcare professionals who want to give back to society. Its aim is to create a platform, where they can share ideas and experiences, provide mutual support and collaborate, channel their own personal passions and skills in community projects both locally and abroad.

The founders of Whitetulip were inspired by the white tulip flower, which is an important symbol of purity, caring, and aspiration. As our foundation grows, we continue to be inspired by this perennial sun seeker and seek to share our passion for healthcare improvement.

We are inspired by the countless healthcare professionals who go beyond the call of duty in improving the health and well-being of societies around the world. Whitetulip Health Foundation aims to nurture this ethos of giving and service in our medical communities at home and abroad.

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Our Mission

To create a platform for physicians and other healthcare professionals, where they can share ideas and experiences, provide mutual support and collaborate, channel their own personal passions and skills in community projects both locally and abroad.

Public Education
Global Health
Medical Assistance
Our Objectives
To provide current and aspiring healthcare professionals with academic development opportunities.
Our Objectives
To create a network of healthcare professionals who are committed to giving back to society.
Our Objectives
To create health education projects for the communities we serve, particularly targeting those who are underserved.
Our Objectives
To reach out to communities abroad, afflicted by conflicts, war, or disasters, through relief work and healthcare development projects.
Our Objectives
To acknowledge and share exemplary work in community service in health with the rest of the healthcare community and the public.

Core Values

Trust & Integrity
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More than 500 members
are working effortlessly
to create a unique platform
for healthcare professionals

President’s Letter

Dear Colleagues,

Since the onset of Covid-19 Pandemic, Whitetulip Health Foundation (WHF) volunteers have been working hard with extreme care and compassion to fill the gap in healthcare. In addition to their heavy clinical duties and being at the frontlines of Covid-19 fight, they extended their hands to public, in particular vulnerable population (i.e. immigrants) and to other healthcare professionals. I am really proud each and every one of them and applause the work they accomplished so far; they all are our true heroes.

Here is the highlight of their efforts:

For Turkish Americans:

  • The recent immigrants are among the one of the most vulnerable populations due to inadequate healthcare access and language barrier. Number of immigrants continues to increase due to fear of persecution. Our bilingual healthcare workers were able to provide healthcare counseling and education to this community.
  • WHF worked with the community leaders to educate an implement preventive measures such as social distancing.
  • Our Public Education Department prepared handouts and PowerPoint presentations in Turkish.
  • At the beginning of the outbreak, our volunteers provided individual guidance locally.
  • All these documents published on our web, distributed virtually.
  • Multiple videos about Covid-19 disease were translated into Turkish.
  • CDC Covid-19 updates translated and recorded in Turkish.
  • Multiple educational Webinars were conducted and attended by hundreds.
  • Medical Assistance Department has established a Covid-19 Support Phone Line where our volunteers answered questions from the community.
  • This service line was later extended to those out of USA.
  • Mental Health Group prepared educational sessions and webinars to support mental well-being of our community.
  • This group also organized Mental Support through a phone line, which will begin soon.

For US Physicians and Healthcare Providers:

  • Public Health Department prepared expert webinars to educate health care providers.
  • WHF headquarter supplied N95 masks to our members and volunteers in the midst of personal protective equipment shortage.
  • Mental Health Department compiled a comprehensive list of mental health resources available for health care providers.
  • Headquarter launched fundraising campaign for mask donations in different states.
  • Headquarter also launched a Financial Assistance Program for recent immigrant healthcare providers who lost their temporary jobs while in the process of getting into US Medical systems.

For General Public:

  • Public Health Department launched a campaign to saw homemade face masks to be donated to shelters.
  • International Medical Graduate (IMG) Department assisted more than hundred international medical staff who are not on active duty to join Covid-19 fight at various facilities.

For Authorities:

  • IMG Department created a networking platform for international health care providers.
  • These health care providers were readily available to provide support and service at various states; such service was offered to authorities.

Support Our Colleagues

I will support other people!

Without the scholarship program at WHF, it would be challenging to pursue my career in the United States. I look forward to the days I will support other people!

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Thank you all

I needed to leave my country with my wife and 3 kids due to safety issues. I had to start working in a pizza place 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I wish there would be some financial support and I would work as an academician in this country.

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